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Dara De Risi grew up in the Gold Coast of Long Island.  Her timeless, elegant, and innovative fashion driven design philosophy is a mix of her early childhood surroundings and work experience in the fashion industry.  

She began her career at MTV Networks, working in the wardrobe department dressing the on-air talent. After Dara's stylist days for both MTV and Oxygen Media, she found herself in love with the idea of fabric and textiles and moved over to the production side, designing and managing swimwear accounts for a large Canadian based fashion company.  


After spending thirteen years in Manhattan's garment industry, Dara joined a small design firm on Long Island to learn the ropes of interior design.  She spent a few years under the guidance of a leading designer, which eventually lead her to build her own company.  Her keen eye for elegant design and quality, and rock-and-roll meets fashion attitude is illustrated in her design work today.


De Risi Designs is constantly expanding its circle of vendors, forming trusting and quality relationships that motivate them to work with Dara.  


The majority of De Risi Designs' business is through referrals, which is a true testament to the dedication, talent and work ethic of the company.  


There is nothing more satisfying for Dara than to create a beautiful space for clients to enjoy.  Whether it be rustic, modern, traditional, eclectic or a mix of styles, Dara is always up for the challenge and has a way of figuring out her clients' taste and taking it to the next level.  She has worked on commercial and residential projects from Montauk to Manhattan.

Dara is the mother of two beautiful girls, Cecile and Lola and resides in Huntington, NY, with her husband Peter, where her company, De Risi Designs, is based.    

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