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Gramercy Apartment

This Gramercy apartment is a two bedroom with some challenging spaces. When you walk in, there is a large foyer that we had to make a interesting and useful space. We built a live edge bar and hung a very unique wallpaper to set the tone of the rest of the space. In the main living area, we had faced the small elevator issue and decided on a custom build for the 10 foot media unit, which came up in pieces and was assembled on site. The picture wall that joins the kitchen and the living space was a lot of fun to do.  It forced the owner, a physician, to tap into his artistic side and make selections! We also didn't have a clear dining space in the apartment so we removed cabinets from the area and made the island a dining table. I loved working with the easy-going owners and am so happy with the end design of this challenging space.

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